Sharing Ideas is Free for Everyone

Sharing Ideas is Free for Everyone Robert G Brown Tuesday 05.28.2019 I share my ideas freely and they are to be shared with all. Anyone stealing ideas or secluding ideas that are to be shared with all uses a large razor blade dildo on and up in our backsides and their own by limiting and or restricting the growth decelopment and or the expansion the of the ideas or idea seed.

Careers Available World Family Community

Careers Available? Get a real job. You shit in the river and move trash around. 15 minutes a day could save your life and your planet’s. How big is your family? Develop the planet for global riches with changes to our global community remembering God as Family, not authority. Life and friendship with life is our relationship. Sharing abundance expands forever, while cigarettes cause cancer are curse words asshole. You figure it out. What really happened? …