$1 Sales Letter

$1 Sales Letter

Dear Friend,

Do you want directions to possibly lose $20 plus the shipping and handling of sending 11 letters, or make $100 minus the $20 plus the expenses of sending 11 letters?

You already have a dollar and this sales letter. Correct?

If you decide to continue, then here are the directions:

1. Get the addresses of 10 people. 
2. Get 11 envelopes and 10 copies of this sales letter and 11 stamps.
3. Send $1 dollar to the 10 people with 1 copy of this sales letter.
4. Send $10 to the sender of this letter.

That’s it.

You can lose $20 plus shipping and handling or make $100 minus expenses. Make $60 to $70? You just made $1.
Good luck.

Return to Sender the Right Way

If there is no address written below, use the [from:] address on the stamped and post dated envelope that was sent in the mail with this sales letter. (Some friends that send money in the mail may prefer no return address on the envelope and/or may have you send the money to a different address. You can write [$1 inside] on each envelope and get postal confirmations for security. And you could do a security envelope for the $10.)


If you choose not to participate, enjoy your dollar.


A Friend

P.S. Here is a word of advice. Do not avoid scams. You just got a dollar.


Scam Alert

People asking $500 to refile your business with the state.

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