Indoor Garden and CSA Market

by Robert G Brown

World Family Community News Room:

A neighborhood went to market because life lost its way. They were indoor garderners. They each grew several items for their CSA (community supported agriculture) market. Potatoes onions lettuces greens broccoli tomatoes strawberries carrots and other root vegetables peppers cucumbers…do you think you can grow a watermelon indoors?

A huge variety of indoor grown produce is what the neighborhood had and they were ready to share their idea with the world.

A community could bake, cook prepackaged meals, you could make cheese or desserts to go. A CSA market is a beautiful way to express a community’s offering of life that takes care, hard work, and discipline to present your Self as whole and honest. Willing to share the labor of family and community by nuturing a delicate and firm way of life that protects all living things by honoring relationship and our story in it. What is your purpose?

Get more information direct or keep going down?


CSA markert

Do you like my CSA market first edition?

Pretty tight with lots of nice items to share or worth a good penny, until we can let go of our mental illness. Money and death are illusions that we give life. They steal our ability to see abundance is in each other and our gifts we share.

Is there anything you would like to grow indoors? How could it help reduce home costs? Would you like to part of a community that grew indoors and shared their efforts at an equal share partnered co-owned CSA market?

Could you handle the responsibilty of such caring purpose?

Spread the word and the news. God’s Kingdom is here and we do not deficate in the water system as soon as possible, now being perfect.

You drink from and fish from and swim in and eat from the river. Our way of life has become unacceptable, because we know better now. You are a healer or a killer. What is your purpose? Live or die?

Comment, please share your ideas and concerns.

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