Save Money Grow Your Own

Save Money Grow Your Own

Save Money Grow Your Own

Robert G Brown

Saturday 12.29.2018

Potatoes and onions grow in the refrigerator. They tell you they want to grow, if you are not ready to use them. How neat is that.

I lived as mountain man for some years, in a big house in the forest near Flagstaff, AZ, with about 6 roommates. It was a beautiful place, unique to the suburban world I grew up in. Open fresh and rustic to the point you wear your boots in the house, but don’t mind going barefoot.

I mention this, because just outside the side door reaching to the back corner of the house grew sweet potatoes quite causally as if no one delberately planted them there.

How much do you spend on potatoes and onions at the grocery store each week?

Do you have space and time to grow potatoes and onions?

I had an idea to build a box a foot high by 2 feet long and a foot wide. I would fill the box with soil I prepare, and drop a low full spectrum florescent light on it, after I plant my potatoes and onions.  I would water with love. The soil is filled with nutrients.

I bet potatoes and onions would grow good indoors like that. You could save a few bucks at the grocery store and have fun new friends to play with. Giving them care would probably wipe a person’s troubles away.

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