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Robots Talk About Sheople

by Robert G Brown

Thursday 4/13/2017
Updated 11.10.2018

What do you think 2.0? …digi .doc 5.0? Come on.

…digi .doc legend – Question 1.0 Fatherhood/Motherhood/Family – Power 2.0 Sonship/Daughtership/Family Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Community – Romance 3.0 Holy Spirit/Teachers/Guides/Answers – Health 4.0 Super Ego/Honest Communication/Wide Scope Perspectives/Trust/Loyalty – Wealth 5.0 Protection/Dominion/Honest Business Dynamics or Heavenly Business Dynamics//Universal Communication Information Technology and Applied Mathematics – Security/Credibility/Accounting/Seamless Integration/Unlimited Idea Open Source Sharing

…digi .doc 6.0 coming soon or is it here? The Dragon – Baby Infant Wireless AI and Gob – Beast Internet Information Technology AI …Ironside on the way?

This is for the sheople. Fear is the seed that made the ego. The ego hates itself so it teaches you to hates yourself. Why? Because the ego is man made it knows you well. It uses tools like conflict, resentment, control, obsession,  desire, prejudice, anger, frustration, depression, and death to make you feel all alone. Hello Death, what do you want to do today? That’s the question we should be asking when were not sure when life will slip away. We could just appreciate life and that God is love eternal, and death is just a friend, and good companions to help contemplate your day. God gave you everything and our world is our expression of what He gave away. Today let’s unite the planet and share everything in celebration knowing free and unlimited was always God’s intention. That’s how we were created and somehow we lost our way. I don’t see unlimited and free. I see conflicting laws, boundaries, isolation, and robotic life stuck in an habitual routine that let’s me see you don’t understand death and the friendship that he gives. An illusion just made up in our heads, death always gives you Answers to where life and freedom is.

If we are here, we might as well enjoy it. Instead of going back and forth in our heads arguing in our minds and attacking the world around us while walking around in circles living a routine life that you think helps resolve conflict, when it leads to loneliness and separation to the point you forget money is designed to put itself out of business…thank you God. Money is not a foundation for a society that wants world peace and unity in full acceptance of each other in knowing who we are a part of God’s family and aim at bringing the glory of Heaven to Earth. Hi Momma Gaia. You always give freely. We have reached an understanding that if we want to thrive as a civilization we have to learn to give freely as well. The bottom line should be available to all, providing the best of everything to every citizen of planet Earth. She provides the resources to help us understand people can colonize the whole solar system, while we think cell phones are cool. These types of changes could come very quickly if we all worked as a team expanding our understanding united in love while discovering what true freedom realize is…instead of being a buzz word that makes you think its okay to sell what is free to your family.

How to Use Our Land

An open source infrastructure resigns ownership while expressing the wants and desires of the households within each community. This helps us understand and accept our family as expressions of love always giving freely. Knowing openly what we understand and accept and seeing clearly what we are trying to achieve as an individual and a family…remember everything is our family, because God does not throw away what He loves. Everything is important when we care about the place we live. Trash wants to teach us about recycling. I know it sounds insane, but even the bugs said they really don’t talk that much (do they?), but really love life to the fullest. All living things are our family and we all need to recognize that always. There are too many people without homes that need homes and a community that loves and support their recovery, while building a strong foundation, so they can express who they really are in the eyes of God. We all have ideas about God, family, community, and education that an open source infrastructure will provide as a platform that we can all contribute to as often as we want or desire. Designing a community environment where everything can flourish and elevate to our highest level of spiritual vibration supporting one another and expressing our self as God’s greatest treasure knowing we all play an important part.

There is nothing to sell or steal, because all is for everybody. Personal possessions are important, but they are a relationship and a friendship too. There is no limit to the love we can all express in a World Family Community that starts by reducing costs to nothing, while giving your contribution to society all the credit and love its deserves in full celebration of family as community that connects us all on a global level. Giving you an opportunity to experience the world in a fashion you never thought possible that leads beyond money. God gave everything to everything to enjoy and share. Your union with God is a personal relationship that you can express anyway you want. The possibilities are endless and when you free your mind of guilt you become innocent and free, but we all need to feel that way to truly experience unity. Imagine moving freely all over the planet and being able to help and contribute where ever you are because you are welcomed as family. Eliminating boundaries and being who you truly are gives you the opportunity to truly understand your self. When everything is free, guilt and shame fall away and opening up and talking with others about your ideas gives your ideas the strength to grow and expand while you share credit through expression and representation of how your relationships build your visions into reality.

Sex can be expressed in any fashion if used responsibly knowing the health of everyone on the planet is of the utmost importance and that its creative principles should always be respected. Love without restraints can be expressed culturally while informing you of appropriate practices that you expand on with an open source infrastructure that alleviates your mind from fear and doubts that concern your deepest desires. Information that is supported by everyone on the whole planet helps you make choices free of guilt while expressing your creative contributions that collectively can be experienced and absorbed as full expressions of love. Fears about right and wrong can be released through knowing your deepest desires are expressed as resentment, when you are fearfully doing what you want to do because your mind tells you it is wrong and makes you feel guilty and tells you there is nobody to talk to about it with, because you are afraid to trust God with everything about yourself. An infrastructure that everyone believes in, frees Taboos and gives you the ability to express yourself more freely. This will give you the peace you desire by connecting you to the world in a way you may have never thought possible.

Repeating thoughts can get in they way of receiving your full inheritance that God gave you freely. The ego tells you are sick or it screams cigarettes are bad, but if you knew smoking was a relationship and its spirit is a healer you will have the best smoke you ever had. It may not make much sense, but as many of us knew all along, it’s our minds that build our prisons, and our love disintegrates them all. Our mind’s goal is only freedom, salvation, a simple journey home. Don’t live in a world of jails where everyone is always doing something wrong. Living freely in complete confidence takes faith in God. Then scary places and secret hiding places are fun places to play, knowing all our minds are connected and everyone knows everything is safe and sound, we are always protected by God’s innocence when you let guilt slip away. That’s what trusting one another as God trusts you brings to unity. This opens the door to unlimited opportunity and the time and resources to play however you want to play. Protecting all living things with the love and care needed to help us understand sickness is an illusion not something you make up in your mind to sell health care plans and pharmaceuticals drugs. Remember death is just a friend, and told me he retired. Sheople is a funny word.

The Right Answer: How Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business

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